Why Alarms and CCTV Surveillance Are Not Enough to Keep Your Home Safe

Keep Your Home SafeWith today’s fast advancing technology, people automatically think of alarms and CCTV cameras for home security. But when someone breaks into your property, can an alarm or camera stop the perpetrator from completing his goal?

Sure, the alarm alerts you of a breach and the camera records the event. But if an armed and determined intruder has the right skills and tools, how will these technologies keep your property and your family safe?


Crime Rates in Victoria

Amidst more sophisticated security systems, rates of robbery, burglary and theft are still high in our region. In the Crime Statistics Agency’s September 2017 report, it revealed that robbery incidents increased by 12 .6% from 2015 to 2017. Incidents of burglary and theft decreased by 9.7% and 11.5% respectively, however, their crime rates are still high at 46,661 and 136,752.

Despite the presence of security systems in homes, if burglars see a good opportunity, they take their chances.


What Makes a Home a Prospect for a Burglar?

In a survey conducted by Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA), detainees were asked what attracts them to particular homes. Most offenders claimed that their primary motivator is an unoccupied home. They would look for signs of vacancy such as the absence of a car, closed lights at night and piled up mail.

Offenders also said that homes without dogs, security grilles, alarms, and such were easy targets. The most common way for them to break into homes was through an unlocked door or window, breaking a door or window and breaking or picking a lock. Some used doggy doors and skylights.


The Solution?

With most burglars being experienced and skilled, alarms and CCTV cameras won’t completely stop them from breaking and entering. A comprehensive security system should include barriers to forced entry and slow down an intruder.

Kings Security Doors is dedicated to providing security systems that strengthen your home’s safety. We have years of experience in creating time-tested security doors and window grilles. Our techniques and mastery of designing and manufacturing security barriers allow us to create grilles, doors and gates that are not only durable but are also beautiful.

All our products are made from quality materials and superior locks from trusted brands such as Delf and Lockwood. Our hinge systems are welded pin hinges, creating an almost unbreakable barrier. If you prefer security screen doors, our steel security mesh offers heavy-duty strength and superior strength. Our steel frames are stronger than aluminium, giving customers peace of mind.

The beauty of security doors and grilles is that they are more likely to prevent attempts of burglary altogether. The sight of the doors and grilles makes your home a difficult and uninviting prospect. Our security doors and grilles also provide added protection as they prevent young children and pets from falling off windows or running out of doors.

At Kings Security Doors, we are confident to say that in Sydney, there is no product like ours. Our security doors, gates and grilles are custom-fitted to your needs and are more resistant to impact and damage. Through the support of our loyal customer base, our company has successfully expanded and now provides security doors in Melbourne.

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Why Alarms and CCTV Surveillance Are Not Enough to Keep Your Home Safe


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