What You Should Look For in Laser Cut Security Doors

Slat Gate Security There are many ways to increase the security of your home. You can add CCTV cameras outside your house, surround your home with heavy-duty walls or simply add high-tech locks on your doors.

One of the most preferred ways to enhance home security is by installing a security door. There are different kinds of security doors available on the market. If you are thinking about installing a new security door in your home, there are several factors and features to consider.


Types of Security Doors

There are aluminium slat gates, screen doors with a steel security mesh and security doors constructed from a metal alloy. One of the most popular security doors on the market is the laser-cut security door. This type of door does not only enhance security but also adds style to a home’s exterior design. Commonly, this door is custom-made based on the specifications of a homeowner. At Kings Security Doors, you can select your colour and intricate design.


Door Frame Material

Laser-cut security doors vary based on its material. Its frame can be made from aluminium, steel or a metal alloy. For laser-cut steel security doors, two to three inch-wide steel frames allow more than 40 percent visibility and airflow than metal alloy or aluminium frames, which need to be around six inches wide to reach its maximum strength.


Importance of Powder coated Doors

Powder coating is applied to a laser cut security door as a dry powder. The powder coating is placed on the door and cured under heat to allow it to settle and form an outer layer that creates a hard finish.

When choosing a laser cut security door, look for one that has its screws and screen frames powder coated as well for every part of the door to match in colour and have a long service life.  If a laser-cut steel security door is properly treated and powder coated, it should not show any signs of rust for eight to ten years.


Intricate Designs and Beautiful Finishes

We offer laser-cut screens and doors that come in various intricate designs and patterns that enhance your home’s exterior design. Our designs range from modern circular figures, plant-like patterns, hexagonal designs and more.

If you prefer a different design, not in our range, we can create whatever design you like using our tough 3mm galvanised plate. After a couple of years, if you decide that you want a different design, we will gladly welcome you to our shop to have your door’s pattern changed without having to manufacture a new door from scratch.

Kings Security Doors not only manufactures and designs laser-cut security doors, but we also make window grilles and laser-cut gates in Sydney. If you want to see our designs in person, we have a mobile showroom in Melbourne that can deliver a variety of samples to your doorstep. To improve the aesthetics and security of your home’s exterior, call 1300 949 399.

What You Should Look For in Laser Cut Security Doors


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