What Will The Security Gates Of The Future Look Like In Sydney?

What is the future of home security and security gates going to look like in Sydney? Looking back at home magazines published 70 years ago we can have a giggle at their predictions of things today.

Smart Security Gates And Fences:

These are usually the first items that a perpetrator will come into contact with. There is research into the polymer-coated mesh for gates and fencing, which will detect the touch of an intruder when starting to scale the fence or the security gate. The coating will notify you via your mobile device from the smart home’s integrated security system alert system. And set off the alarm.

Smart Sprayed Markers:

The integrated security system will spray a non-toxic, molecular chemical-marker. The marker, which will be nigh impossible to remove, will allow tracking of the perpetrator by approved security companies and the police. People, of course, won’t do the tracking, it will be by drones. They will record and transmit video footage of the criminals as will be equipped with spray to mark any getaway car with the molecular marker. A marker system is being used in England but does not have digital tracking ability (yet). It is a manual analog-human system.

Voice Recognition Cameras:

A.I. security cameras already exist, so what next?  Developments indicate that smart camera features will include an activation triggered by suspicious tones and contexts of conversation. Voice recognition will use A.I. to ascertain if a burglary is occurring purely by the conversation it overhears.

Neighbourhood Alarms

Neighbourhood alarms will connect all the security systems in a neighbourhood. The network will track suspicious persons by the way they are walking about and will gather additional data. A.I. cameras are already being used extensively in Cape Town, South Africa, which feed alerts to a multi-neighbourhood watch control centre. In future, the systems will connect to criminal databases and use facial recognition.

Smart Locks

These will arrive pretty soon into the market. One option will use the recognition of the family’s programmed voices to trigger an unlocking or locking of your security gate in Sydney. The second option will start a pin in the home security app on your phone as you approach the door.

There are many exciting and impressive technological advances to look forward to in the future of home security. We look to being of service to you now and in 2050.

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What Will The Security Gates Of The Future Look Like In Sydney?


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