What To Consider When Installing Aluminium Security Doors In Sydney

The most important thing to remember when it comes to security doors is that they are not made equal. There are specific features to look for to ensure you select the highest-quality product and a feasible option, such as an aluminium security door.

When your home and family’s safety and wellbeing are on the line. There’s no time to waste on security doors that bend and break at the slightest impact. So, if you are looking for a security door that stands its ground upon attempted forced entry, our aluminium security doors and grilles are for you.

Let’s discuss four primary features to look for in a security door for your Sydney home.

Dynamic Impact Absorption

Deterring intruders is no easy feat, and you need measures in place that will absorb and withstand any attempts at entry. One way is to ensure you are investing in a product that can perform as needed. Fortunately, our patented two-part strengthening system ensures our aluminium security doors never buckle or break under pressure.

Knife And Shear Resistance

When an intruder is unsuccessful using force, they may attempt to gain entry using knives and other sharp objects. So, another important feature to look for when choosing a security door is its resistance to penetration. Our premium mesh installations are designed to withstand all attempts at cutting and slicing through them.

Push And Pull Strength

A last attempt for an intruder may be to force the door open with a series of manoeuvres. This is a forced entry using various push and pull movements and objects to pry it open. A high-quality security door will be able to withstand these attempts effortlessly.

Reasonable Warranty Period

Aluminum security doors Sydney are constructed using strong and durable materials that are made to last for years. A good indicator of a high-quality security door is the length of the warranty period. Fortunately, Kings Security Doors is Australian owned and based, which means all products are made to stand the test of time, even against the various Australian weather conditions.

When it comes to securing your home, it is worth it to do your research before choosing what to invest in. So, get in touch with Kings Security Doors today to learn more about our aluminium security doors and other premium quality products.

What To Consider When Installing Aluminium Security Doors In Sydney


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