What Are The Benefits Of Security And Screen Doors In Campbelltown?

A beautiful security and screen door in your home not only makes your home eco-friendly and cost-efficient but it stops unwanted ‘guests’ (human or insect) in your home.

An electronic security system in your house or apartment is a good option. Still, some clever perpetrators can disarm them or work efficiently in the minutes after triggering it. A power failure will also leave you vulnerable without a security & screen door protecting your vulnerable entrance.

More Reasons To Install A Security Door

The frames of a security and screen door are stronger than a timber door frame. They are made with stainless steel, aluminium and/or iron and are very difficult to damage with a crowbar (jemmy bar).

The doors are made from the same materials and withstand the same forced prying as the frame does.

If you are using a clear view mesh screen door to keep insects and humans, ensure you have high tensile, coated stainless steel. There is a list of tests that these security screen doors can be subjected to for security and quality.

Some manufacturers are certified for all these tests:

  • Knife Shear Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
  • Dynamic Impact Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
  • Impact Resistance Test ASTM D2794 (QUALICOAT)
  • Jemmy Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
  • Natural Salt Spray Test ASTM B117
  • UV Testing PTEC (Electrical and Electric Products Testing Centre)
  • Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Testing PBRU (Phetchaburi Rajabhat University Laboratory)
  • Solar Heat Test PTEC (Electrical and Electric Products Testing Centre
  • Mosquito Protection Test CMU (Chiang Mai University Laboratory)
  • Gloss Test AS3715 (ISO2813/QUALICOAT)
  • Coating Thickness Test AS2331/ISO2360 (QUALICOAT)
  • Eye Visual Colour Test AS3715 (QUALICOAT)
  • Resistance to Boiling Water QUALICOAT
  • Polymerisation Test (MEK) AS3715 (QUALICOAT)
  • Bend Test ISO1519 (QUALICOAT)
  • Indentation Test AS3715 (ISO2815/QUALICOAT)
  • Adhesion Test AS3715 (ISO2409/QUALICOAT

Another benefit from a security and screen door is the lock. The locking system is far superior to standard door locks with a dead setting deadbolt. This complicates any attempted tampering. You can have a cylinder installed that works on a master-slave system, thereby allowing you to have one key for every door in the house and staff or guests can have localised slave keys.

A final structural benefit is that the hinges are non-removable unlike regular doors with screwed in hinges.

Why Do They Make Your Home Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective?

In our blistering hot summers, you will definitely feel the impact of a large electrical bill from air-conditioners and fans working hard.

With screen doors, you can ease off on the airconditioning and fans and allow fresh, natural air to cool for you at the right times of day! Large amounts of airflow through and mosquitos, flies and moths cannot enter.

By reducing energy consumption, you are not only saving high costs, but you are assisting the planet daily.

Security and screen doors can enhance the aesthetic of your house with exterior and interior installations. See our gallery page and product pages for beautiful examples!

Book a free onsite quote now for a security & screen door in Campbelltown that saves you money and beautifies your home. From sleek contemporary designs to detailed classic or custom designs we will have the solution for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Security And Screen Doors In Campbelltown?


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