Three Reasons Why You Need Window Security Bars In Your Sydney Home

Although you hate to consider the worst happening to your home, belongings and family, it’s always better to be safe now than to be sorry later. Making your home difficult to break into means that you lower your chances of experiencing a burglary. While an electronic security system is best, it’s recommended that you take additional measures such as installing security bars on your windows in your Sydney home. Here are three benefits to adding this security feature to your property.

1) It’s A Physical Barrier

Although you cannot always prevent a burglar from entering your home, making it more difficult for them to do so is a deterrent. When installing window security bars in your home, you’re putting another barrier between potential threats and what you hold dear. Window bars are the third barrier to get through, after a perimeter wall or fence and a security system. It means that if they try to get inside, it’ll take much longer than if the bars weren’t there. They would also make noise, which would alert you or your neighbours to the unauthorised entry.

2) Window Bars Buy You Time

Burglars don’t want to get caught. Therefore, they need to get in and out, and as far away from the scene as possible, as quickly as possible. If you install window security bars, you’ll make them think twice about targeting your home. With the extra time added to their efforts to get inside, window security bars give you time to get somewhere safe, call the authorities, and for the authorities to arrive at your doorstep. The added time could mean a difference between them stealing your belongings and them getting apprehended by the authorities. Remember though, if you’re hiding somewhere in your home while waiting for security response, the window in that particular room should have window bars with sliding burglar proofing so that you can escape through it if you need to.

3) Security Systems Are Not Always Enough

Security systems are known to be fallible. If yours isn’t maintained or updated regularly, it could be hacked, disarmed or made redundant. Security alarms are subject to human error. You might forget to set the alarm when you’re at home, or you might think that it’s only necessary to arm the system when you aren’t there. You might even forget to check the battery regularly. Your best bet is to have both: a security alarm system that’s functional and maintained, and state of the art window bars. The alarm will serve as an early warning system, and the physical barriers will make it harder for your home to be infiltrated.

It’s uncomfortable to think about someone breaking into your Sydney home; however, it’s necessary. The safety of your family and belongings always need to be accounted for. Kings Security Doors provides solid security window bars for homes in Sydney. Call us today for a quote.

Three Reasons Why You Need Window Security Bars In Your Sydney Home


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