The 5 Advantages of Window Security Grilles

Window Security Grilles

Wondering how you can burglar-proof your windows? Here are reasons to choose window security bars over other security measures.


Incomparable Security

Security grilles do not only deter crime; they prevent it. The sight of the grilles alone discourages criminals from targeting your home. Our steel bars and laser-cut steel windows are extremely strong. They cannot be easily cut or damaged. Should intruders still attempt to break into your home, they’ll not be coming in through your windows.


Gives Safety in More Ways

Window security grilles do not only prevent intruders from entering your home. They also serve as a child safety feature. As a barrier, they can eliminate the risk of your child falling from your window. You can now have more peace of mind, even if someone leaves a window open, or your child learns to unlock windows.


Improves Your Home’s Aesthetic

Custom-made grilles can add a striking or complementing detail to your home. Here at Kings Security Door, we can provide you with simple security bars ideal for a modern or contemporary look. We also laser cut windows to create elegant or distinct designs.


Does Not Affect Your Window’s Function

Do not let your need for protection affect your access to natural air and light. Unlike roller shutters, window grilles do not block out sunlight and breeze. Grilles are robust enough to keep introducers away, yet slender enough to let nature freshen up and brighten up your home.


Weather Protection

Window grilles can serve another function in the event of storms. They can block out flying branches or debris. This saves you from the cost of having a broken window repaired, and from mopping up or paying for professional carpet cleaning.

Here at King’s Security Doors, we provide security that does not compromise style. Call us today for window security bars in Melbourne.

The 5 Advantages of Window Security Grilles


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