Style Meets Function: Try These 4 Window Security Bars Trends On Your Sydney Property

What’s the first part of your home you that comes to mind when you think of the potential for a burglary happening on your property? Probably the gate or doors right? This is a reasonable go-to because these main entrances are usually the first line of defence. However, you might be neglecting smaller entrances, which makes you vulnerable to invasive crime. If there’s one thing criminals are, it’s crafty. That’s why window security bars may be one of the most valuables additions you make to your Sydney home or business.

The truth is, nobody wants to spend most of their time surrounded by windows that resemble prison bars. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite window bar styles that you should consider for your property. Safety measures can look good too!

1) Custom Design Window Grills To Boost Aesthetic Value

Your home or work property can be a representation of your personality or business image. It doesn’t necessarily take grand gestures to get this across. Sometimes something as subtle as a custom design on the bars of your window delivers as much sass as any coat of paint could. Capture your property’s charm while still giving criminals an extra hurdle that they’d rather avoid.

2) Transparent Window Screens Provide Understated Strength

If traditional bars aren’t quite your thing, you can opt for a window screen for sleek security. It can be either transparent or dimmed, depending on your preference. Either way, it adds a polished look to your home without the imposing shadows of prison-esque window bars.

3) The Classic Criss-Cross Window Security Bars

Open and close the window bars as you wish. Install a sliding security door along your window panes, so that you and others can enjoy the freedom of choosing when to let the air in. It looks and feels good, offering flexibility across seasons.

Take Your Pick Of Polished Window Security Bars In Sydney

Every property, no matter how big or small, deserves to be protected in style. You can try out some of these window security bars for your home and business too! Book a free onsite quote now at Kings Security Doors.

Style Meets Function: Try These 4 Window Security Bars Trends On Your Sydney Property


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