Security Doors – for Safety and Convenience

IntruderKeeping intruders from entering your property should be the top priority of every homeowner. Everyone should feel safe in their own home, which is why a security door is well worth the investment.

Why Install Security Doors?

You work hard to provide a property for your family and you want them to feel safe at home. Sadly, for some families, that sense of security in their home is tarnished. Those who have been victims of a home invasion know the lasting impact it can have. For some people, the feeling of insecurity in their home even forces them to pack up and leave.

A security door is not the only aspect of your home security, but it is your frontline protection. If you are considering installing a security door, there many reasons to do so. These include:


Made to Last

At Kings Security Doors, we manufacture our doors using BlueScope steel, the highest grade steel on the market. As an Australian steel specialist, BlueScope has been designed to withstand our harsh climate. Powder coated with quality Dulux coating for added protection, you can enjoy the security our doors provide to your home.

Because our doors are made from marine grade steel, trying to break them in with a kick is impossible. Not too many companies can lay claim to having superior aluminium and steel products.



Our range of steel and aluminium security doors can be customised to suit your needs. We can come to you with our mobile showroom to give you a first-hand look at our door designs.

During a consultation, we measure the frame where the door will be installed. As every home is different, we will manufacture your door based on specific measurements. Our team can customise the style and colour of the door to suit your exterior. You simply choose from a wide range of powder coated colours and we do the rest.


Won’t Impact Your View

When clients think of security doors, some think of those big, thick bars hanging over a door. Fortunately, our doors are not made that way. With a King Safe Ultimate screen door, the steel mesh won’t impact on your view. Unlike other materials, our screen doors are made to ensure your door is protected without obstructing your vision.


Adds Value to Your Home

For many of our clients, the reason for installing a security door is for protection. However, installing a security door can also add value to your property should you decide to sell. Security is an important feature to all homes. With security doors that are like no others, potential buyers will be impressed.

Kings Security Doors is committed to ensuring all homes are well protected. For more information about our services, call us today on 1300 949 399.

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Security Doors – for Safety and Convenience


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