Protect The Sliding Security Doors On Your Sydney Property With These Four Tips

Installing sliding security doors on your Sydney property is a great move towards protecting your home, along with all the people and valuables it houses. It’s designed to be strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want one. However, sliding doors aren’t completely infallible, so they may need some extra protection too.

Our expert team have shared a few of our favourite pointers to keep your property, and sliding doors secure. Implement them for added peace of mind and to keep your security door functioning at its best.

Tip #1: Add A Modern Lock With A Unique Security Code

Most sliding doors lock using a simple latch mechanism. You can upgrade yours by having a lock installed. Instead of one with a key that can be lost and must be copied, you can opt for one that uses a code that only your family members or senior employees can use to gain entry into the building.

Tip #2: Install A Security Screen With Shatterproof Qualities

Because sliding security doors are made from glass, burglars may attempt to smash it. It won’t be an easy task, as the glass used to manufacture doors like the ones we make are super strong. You can, however, up the ante with a impact-resistant window screen. This can also improve your privacy, making it harder for uninvited guests to peek into your home or business.

Tip #3: Get An Alarm System With Sensors For The Sliding Door

A sliding door may not be enough on its own, and you’ll sometimes leave it unlocked. Explore your options when it comes to alarm systems that go off when someone tampers with or tries to break the door in.

Tip #4: Conduct Regular Checks On All Security Elements

Sometimes security breaches can be avoided by being alert. Check for signs of tampering or anything out of place around your sliding door every time you leave or enter through it.

Believe it or not, burglars tend to enter through the front door more often than you may think. Sliding security doors present them with an extra challenge when trying their luck on Sydney homes. The tips we’ve pointed out are easy to follow and offer a boost to your security.

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Protect The Sliding Security Doors On Your Sydney Property With These Four Tips


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