Pros & Cons Of Having Security Bars Installed In Your Sydney Home

For any homeowner, one of the top priorities is to secure the highest level of safety for the property. Ensuring that you’ve taken every measure to protect what’s inside is going to save you many sleepless nights and make your home a relaxing environment for all inside it.

Having a trustworthy alarm system is, of course, a great barrier to intruders, but why not go a step further? Window barring has been a trusty solution for many years, but many folks want to weigh up the pros and cons of installing this security mechanism before diving in headfirst. Let’s take a closer look and what they could mean for you.

Pro: Psychologically Deter Would-Be Burglars  

If we try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone seeking to rob a house, we know that the first thing we would look for is an easy entry with little standing in the way. This is why installing security systems at every possible entrance of the home is vital as it will deter potential chancers from even attempting the robbery.

Con: Could Detract From The Exterior Aesthetic  

Unfortunately, many security bars have not been designed for their visual appeal but only to serve the main cause. However, homeowners are in luck because this isn’t always the case. If you’re someone who prides themselves in keeping up appearances with regards to your home (and we don’t blame you), there are attractive options available and even the option to create your very own custom designs.

Pro: A Barrier For Those Who Take The Chance  

Now, we know that there are some crazies out there, but some burglars are also well trained in what they do and are willing to take the chance regardless of the security measures implemented by homeowners. However, it will certainly be in your favour to not take the risk. Having that extra barrier of security will buy you time against potential intruders.

Con: Could Deter Future Potential Buyers  

We know what you’re probably thinking. This one is a pretty large disadvantage, especially if you know that you’re not planning on sticking around in your current residence forever. And it’s true. Having the bars installed has the potential to give off the impression that the residential area is of a not so safe nature and therefore, you took the extra precautionary measure. However, having the security bars installed can also increase the price of your property because it assures that the property has maximum security – an excellent selling point.

It’s in any homeowner’s best interest to ensure that their Sydney property is equipped with enough security and this may include bars on all entrances. When it comes to safety, we always say that you can never have too much of it. So, let us help you make your home secure for many years to come. Contact us to book a free onsite quote now.

Pros & Cons Of Having Security Bars Installed In Your Sydney Home