Kings-Guard Security Doors

Kings-Guard security doors are the perfect solution for the room with a view. Built from a strong aluminium frame and 316 marine grade mesh. Using a robust triple lock and hinge system these doors surpass the AS5039 class for aluminium security doors. Competing directly with brands like Amplamesh, Invisiguard and Crimsafe, we chose to partner with ScreenGuard to stand side by side with the Kings brand.

Kings Steel Doors – Standard Range

Like the Kings Guard Doors these doors are a great solution for the budget minded wanting some design to their security door. Although a limited range we have chosen the top five sellers from our deluxe range. These doors are manufactured from Super Gal steel tube and the same triple locking and hinge system as the Kings-Guard.

KingSafe Security Doors

KingSafe security doors are a more superior version of the Kings-Guard door. Using the stainless steel mesh as the main barrier we build the surrounds with a super strong steel door and fixing frame. Using welded pin hinges and a steel door mortice lock and handles these are the ultimate mesh door solution for those wanting the next level in stainless mesh security. A super strong door that crushes and competition in this range. Also available in Federation design.

Kings Security Steel Doors – Deluxe Range

These are the ultimate in security door solutions. offering a huge range of designs we offer something for every taste, and if you’re still not happy we’ll custom build exactly what you require. Built from Bluescope steel using solid steel internal bars, welded pin hinges and jimmy proof cover plates, these doors are almost indestructible. We offer a large range of locks and handles as well as electronic solutions for intercom systems. These door are what the Kings brand has been built on and will last the life of the home.

Laser Cut Security Doors

Our Laser Cut doors and privacy screen offer a modern and unique alternative for those wanting something different. With over thirty designs to choose from we offer a design solutions for most properties. We also offer a design service should you wish to create your own pattern.

Window Solutions

All of the above Door products are available for Windows Security solutions. Please speak with our staff for further information.