Nothing Beats Steel Security Doors

Security DoorsModern steel security doors do more than look tough. They are tough. The new generation of steel security doors is a study in precision made, strong protection for your home.

Steel Security Doors and Security Features

There are several critical structural features of steel security doors:

  • Basic steel security door: These doors are single doors, built with a deep “receiver channel” into your door frame. They’re extremely hard to remove, and are designed to be almost impossible to separate from the frame. Some models come with welded reinforcement and corner stakes which add strength to the door structure.
  • Steel security doors with grilles: Security doors with thick steel grilles are generally considered to be the most secure of all types of security door. Grilles and doors offer a double layered form of protection.
  • Locks: Heavy duty 5-pin cylinder locks are industry standard best practice. These locks are designed to be impossible to remove. Some locks now have 25 year warranties, which is a good indicator of the high performance standards to which these locks are made.
  • Hinges: Steel hinges, fitted with three hinges and recessed hinge pins, are the best choice. Recessed hinge pins can’t be jimmied, and provide extra reinforcement for the door to prevent access.

Selecting Your Steel Security Door

Your steel security door will be a major security asset. There are a wide range of design choices available in security doors. Steel security doors and windows are big and tough, but also come in a good selection of looks, styles and colours.

A few tips:

  • Very important: Before making a decision, it’s strongly recommended to have a “meeting of the minds” with your security door supplier. Your supplier will be able to advise you about site security, access prevention, and provide other very useful help and support. Take the opportunity to get expert assistance with your security needs. Security door suppliers can assist with managing other security issues, like windows, gates and other possible points of access to your home.
  • Looks are important, too. Security doors add both practical and dollar value to your home. Whatever type or design you choose, your new modern steel security doors will deliver excellent performance. Don’t feel limited in your range of choices, and ask your supplier about custom made security doors to give your home a great look, too.
  • Custom design: This is a design feature of modern security doors, which allows you to tailor make your security and security screen doors in accordance with your exterior design. Good security door suppliers will be able to help you with custom design choices and features.

Kings Security Doors Is Your One Stop Shop for Security Doors.

Kings Security Doors can offer you the very latest modern steel security doors. We manufacture, design and install custom made steel security doors for our clients, including some great designs.

Give us a call on 1300 949 399 or fill in our online form and talk to our security experts about your needs. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any help or guidance you require.

Nothing Beats Steel Security Doors


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