Laser Cut vs Steel: Which Security Door Should You Purchase?

Laser Cut Vs SteelHousehold burglary is a widespread crime in Australia. With around 200,000 break-ins recorded a year, it is important for homeowners to ensure a theft-proof living space at all times.

At KINGS Security Doors, your safety is our priority. We design, customise and manufacture security doors that are made to keep you, your loved ones and your property safe from intruders. Two of our leading products are our steel and laser cut security doors – which one is most suitable for your home?


Steel Security Doors – Safety First

The primary focus of steel security doors is to provide the protection that you need. It is a robust yet attractive barrier for your home that is built to last. Using durable and pressure-resistant Bluescope steel, we custom make our steel doors according to your requirements.

The KINGS Security Doors hinge system is a welded pin hinge that gives your home a near-unbreakable barrier. Our team fits the doors with high-quality handles and locks from industry leaders, such as Jackson, Lockwood and Delf. Finished off with Dulux and Interpon powder coating, our steel sliding security doors in Sydney are excellent partners in safety.


Laser Cut Security Doors – Merging Safety and Style

The laser cut security door has the same function with the steel range but it further enhances the aesthetic value of your home. The team at KINGS Security Doors cuts a vast array of intricate patterns, images and designs onto a 3mm galvanised plate with a high-tech laser. This way, you have a barrier of safety that also suits your style and personality.

If you want to have the design changed after a few years, you can pay us a visit. Our experts can redesign your plate pattern without changing the entire security door.

KINGS Security Doors has a mobile showroom in Melbourne for viewing purposes. For security door prices and other inquiries, feel free to call us now on 1300 949 399. Ask for a free quote and measure from our team today.

Laser Cut vs Steel: Which Security Door Should You Purchase?


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