Installation, Service & Maintenance of Doors

Modern security doors are tough, and with a little basic knowledge, you can keep your door in perfect condition. We have a few tips for you to help you get the best out of your security doors.


Installing a security door is pretty straightforward in theory, but the issues regarding choice of security door installation, like where it’s installed, and some technical details need to be understood.

Installation includes secure bolting to the door entrance frame, and custom measuring for fitting to the doorway entrance. This isn’t a cosmetic exercise.  The design of your security door is based on delivering strong resistance. What may simply look like a very nice door is in fact a combination of heavy duty welds, strong steel, and a lot of technology, built in to your door.

When it’s installed, your door is securely fixed so that it can’t be removed by force. When you’re choosing your security door, take a little time to familiarise yourself with the technical information and product specifications. You’ll find that your door is a very tough, very reliable, asset.

Service and Maintenance

Security doors rarely need service and maintenance, because they’re so tough. Service is only likely to be required for older doors, or doors which receive a lot of use, and need basic maintenance.

Depending on the type of security door you have, service and maintenance may include:

  • Sliding security doors: Roller and carriage maintenance is the usual issue. This is pretty straightforward, but needs to be done properly by a security door specialist to ensure the rollers don’t stick and the door frame isn’t compromised.
  • Door frame issues: Over time, a timber home door frame may deteriorate, or house movements may cause problems, and the door may start to stick or open erratically. Your security door itself may be in good condition, but the door frame needs work. This problem is easy to fix, but the security door needs to be securely fitted to the new frame.
  • Security mesh: Modern security mesh is ultra-reliable, and very strong. Minor damage may occur as a result of accidental impact, and is easy to fix.
  • Locks and lock replacement: Security doors usually use either a standard cylinder lock or a combination lock and deadbolt. Locks are in constant use and may become loosened. Repair involves checking the locking mechanisms, and replacing if required.
  • Hinges: Security door hinges are more likely to need service as a result of long term use than for any other reason. Usually, the problems relate to the door side of the hinge, rather than the bolted section on the door frame. Best practice is to replace the door hinge and inspect the hinge mechanism for any possible damage.
  • Corrosion: This isn’t a problem with powder coated modern security doors, but it’s not a good look. Maintenance and refinishing may be required.

Need help with your security doors in Sydney?

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Installation, Service & Maintenance of Doors