Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Security Doors For Your Home

Many people think that they need to get a security door only because the people surrounding them are all installing it. Some people might not even feel unsafe but start to consider it because of circumstances. When it comes to safety, the truth is that it is always best to be proactive rather than reactive. Putting a security door up will divert future criminals away from your home. Consider these other factors when deciding on security doors for your home.

The Stats

Approximately 30% of break-ins happen because the intruder entered the front door or unlocked window. And while it may seem obvious that simply locking your door can prevent one-third of break-ins, security doors are an even more effective way to stop thieves, putting another barrier between the outside and your possessions indoors.

Security Doors Are Designed For Optimal Strength And Sturdiness

Most security door frames consist of aluminium or steel, sometimes from both. It is best to go for a steel door because it has the most potent qualities, but aluminium is the cheaper option. Make sure to use designs that have been tested for the following security food performances:

  • The knife shear test – How the door will perform against an intruder with a knife.
  • The dynamic impact test – If the door can withstand an intruder launching at the door.
  • The Salt Spray test – The impact of corrosive elements on the door.
  • The Jemmy test – How the door will perform against an intruder with a screwdriver.
  • The pull test – If the door can withstand a person physically trying to pull it from the hinges.

Some Security Doors Are Pet Friendly

Instead of leaving the door or gate open for your pet to go outside, purchase one that already has a pet door installed. This door allows your pet to enter and exit as it pleases while the door stays locked for your safety. The steel frame of security doors can withstand scratching and damage created by paws.

Get An Online Quote Instead Of Letting Someone Into Your Home 

The online quote system for security doors ensures that clients don’t need to constantly let people into their homes, first for the quote and then the installation. Online quote systems are convenient and designed to upkeep client privacy.

King Security – Provider Of Top-Of-The-Range Home Security Systems

Kings Security Doors will make sure you receive a product that upgrades your security and fits in with the aesthetic of your home. Contact us, or complete the online quote form to receive a non-obligatory quote for your security doors today. We offer a vast range of styles and designs that can suit any home.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Security Doors For Your Home


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