Designing Screens, Gates and Fences: Beautiful and Super Long-Lasting

There are so many things to consider when planning fences, screens and privacy in general. A slat fence creates a perfect screen for a front garden. An aluminium one gives you low maintenance, solid and versatile options with vast customisation options.

Colour choices are vast, and, unlike timber, it does not need resealing every 6 to 12 months. Another difference to timber is that all the fixings are installed in the base and are not visible.

Design Options

Each slat is 100% aluminium and powder coated. You will enjoy a long maintenance-free life with any item made from it. It is good for fences, gates, sunshades, louvre panels and artistic trellis in the garden.

Another great use for them is as beautiful screening to create a carport, pergola or, actually, any screening project you have at your home or office.

The aluminium extruded pieces are usually powder coated the colour of your choice with a spray gun. The spray contains a mixture of resin and pigments. It is then baked, and the powder melts into a hard, suede finish. The additional beauty of aluminium slat panels is that they work very well, combined with other materials. This allows you to attractively extend a fence or heighten or fill in lower sections of a brickwork wall.

Durable & Anti-Corrosive

The naturally anti-corrosive nature of aluminium means it is an extremely durable metal that is naturally anti-corrosive, which makes it ideal for any outdoor items. Let your imagination run wild.

The raw material is made combined with other strengthening elements to produce aluminium. The main rust risk, oxygen, actually forms an anti-corrosive oxide across its surface, rendering it with natural rust protection. What a fantastic solution!

Even if you are in a harsh coastal location which experiences continual salty sea breezes aluminium will perform extremely well. One of its biggest benefits is that it is lightweight. This makes it a convenient material to work with and lift on sites, easy to transport and easy to store.  It also makes foundation requirements smaller.

The product is elegant, and the finish is super sleek with a gorgeous, low sheen finish. Timber or steel alternatives do not come close to the beauty-durability combination of this material. It blows the competition away.

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Designing Screens, Gates and Fences: Beautiful and Super Long-Lasting


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