Deciding On The Perfect Gate To Keep Your Palace Secured

So the neighbour next door has had an opportunistic break-in, or a friend has mentioned that investing in security may raise the value of your property – great! Now what? Each home is different and varies tremendously based on needs, budget as well as aesthetical consideration. So, what are the considerations you need to take before making the leap? Below, we share our safeguarded tips to ensure our clients always end up with the correct safety gate for their individual needs.

Tip # 1 Isn’t She Pretty?

Imagine having a Bondi Beach home, the magnificence of the rolling sea, marble tops and thick black security gates. Not a pretty picture is it? It is important to keep in mind that aesthetics matter! When deciding upon the right security gate, it is essential to take into consideration the unique style of your home. Ensuring your gates are not an eyesore but rather an addition to the flow of your home.

Tip # 2 All Humans Are Equal

All humans were created equally, unlike gates! When investing in additional security for your home there is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned dollars on a gate that could be easily broken with minimal force. Meticulously research the company you are planning to use for your installation and make sure (we cannot stress this enough.) that the security gates adequately meet and exceed safety standards as well as have undergone and passed strict quality control requirements.

Tip # 3 She Is Like A Cowgirl

Strong but cheap? No, she works hard for her money and even harder on not being knocked off her feet. Let’s talk affordability. Some purchases cannot wait and need to be installed immediately. Our advice is to find a service provider who affords you the opportunity to a payment plan, preferably one with a low-interest rate. It’s a hard world out there, thank goodness our gates are hard and our prices lower.

Tip # 4 I Wish He Would Move Out

Our next tip is all about space. Many clients forget that a security gate takes up space – 20% of a door to be exact. Don’t be caught off guard trying to vacate your premises and end up having to leave your bed behind (yes, this is a true story.). It is important to have a professional assess your property and guide you on the correct gate for your needs.

If you’re worried about quality, over expenditure or finding a gate to complement the aesthetics of your home why not reach out to the professionals who have seen and done it all? Sydney has never looked so good locked up.

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Deciding On The Perfect Gate To Keep Your Palace Secured


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