Custom Beauty: Choosing a Laser Cut Door Design for Your Home

As a key feature of your house’s façade, your front door makes or breaks the curb appeal of your property. So, you should carefully decide on its design. An overly simple design makes the house look dull, while an over-the-top model creates an unappealing look. The wrong colour or pattern makes for an uncomfortable contrast.

You have plenty of laser cut screen choices in Sydney. To choose the right one, you need to consider its colour, pattern and handiwork carefully.


Selecting the Right Pattern

In choosing the right pattern for your laser cut door, you’ll first need to assess the style of your home. If your house sports a traditional design, then ornate scrollwork is a good fit for your door. If your house has a contemporary feel, then simple, straight lines are the way to go.

Certain patterns also affect how people view your house. Circular patterns, for example, temper hard edges and straight lines, as well as soften the space. Meanwhile, geometric designs make the façade more interesting and draw attention to the door.


Understanding Colour

Like patterns, the right colour depends on the other exterior features. As a rule, stick to the existing colour scheme. For example, if a monochromatic palette dominates the exterior, then choose from one of the related shades or tints.

Although experts recommend following the colour scheme, you still need to take the overall style of the house into account. A Tudor house style, for instance, works best with deep colours, while a Mediterranean-inspired home looks great with bright hues.


Choosing Master Craftsmanship

No matter how beautiful the planned design is, sloppy handiwork ruins the finished product. The craftsman might cut out oddly shaped patterns or apply the wrong colour. In this case, the door will hurt rather than help the house’s exterior.

So, choose a company that pays attention even to the littlest details. This way, you end up with quality craftsmanship that meets your specifications. At Kings Security Doors, we take pride in our great handiwork. We design and create laser cut doors that meet (even exceed) our clients’ expectations. With our beautiful, custom doors, we help homeowners all over Sydney boost their houses’ appeal.

If you’re interested in increasing your home’s aesthetic value, contact us today for a free quote.

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Custom Beauty: Choosing a Laser Cut Door Design for Your Home