5 tips to Consider When Buying Security Screens

Lightweight, durable, and easy to install and maintain, a security screen is able to provide an added level of protection to your home without detracting from its aesthetic value. Another feature of the screen security door that makes it so popular is the versatility in its design; it is able to have its color changed to suit your tastes and desires.

Before you get your brand new door installed, it’s important to consider all of the advantages and how they could benefit you. With that in minds here are our top 5 tips to consider when buying security screens in Sydney.

1. An Unbroken Flow of Air

Thanks to the wire mesh design, security screen doors allow for fresh air to easily flow through your home. Instead of having to leave a window open and allow insects to enter your home, your screen will send a breeze through every room of the home without any winged intruders following.

In addition, security screen doors are a fantastic option for security for pet owners. If you are wanting to keep your pet outside but still experience the warm afternoon air, screen doors act as an unbeatable barrier, keeping your pet outside, and allowing the air to travel inside.

2. Added Privacy

Thanks to the thickness and angle of the mesh you don’t have to worry about passers by getting an uninterrupted view of your home when going past your house. Security screen doors easily prevent people on the outside from seeing in. This mesh acts in a similar manner to a two-way mirror – allowing you to look outside at people on your doorstep, but preventing them from seeing you.

3. Peace of Mind

During the evening when you are home relaxing or sleeping you are at your most vulnerable. By installing security screen doors you will increase your peace of mind, allowing for a better night’s sleep for everyone in the house. No longer will you have to be afraid about keeping the window open at night.

4. Burglar Deterrence

Before attempting to rob a property, burglars tend to conduct some research, monitoring structural weaknesses and owner behaviours. The installation of multiple screen security doors greatly reduces your chances of being targeted thanks to the increased residential protection they provide.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Unlike other more complex forms of home security, the security screen door operates just like a regular door with a simple hinge and lock system. This also contributes to the overall look of your home, as your door won’t look out of place. Despite its simplicity your security door affords extremely high levels of protection from invasion.

To learn more about factors to consider before buying a security screen door speak to Kings Security Doors or call us on 1300 949 399. As leading experts in the home security industry we are on hand to share our years of experience with you.

5 tips to Consider When Buying Security Screens


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