5 Tips for Burglarproof Doors

Doors provide access and security between your home and the outside world. You want your door and door frame to be strong and impenetrable so that no intruders or burglars can enter your home without permission.

Here are a few tips for the best door safety!

  • No Windows

A window on your door can be a nice aesthetic touch, and let some light in, but windows can actually be a security risk. This is because windows are breakable and if the window is close to your door handle, a burglar can always break the window, stick their hand through and then open your door from the inside.

  • Security Doors and Security Grills

For the very best in door safety, it is recommended that you install a security door or security grill at each vulnerable doorway. It is very difficult if not impossible for an intruder to get past these security features, which are pretty much impenetrable and will make sleeping easy at night.

  • A Solid Door

There is really no point in having a flimsy door. You might as well not have a door at all! One strong kick from an intruder and it could all collapse. Ensure that all your doors are made out of strong, solid wood. Steel doors and aluminium security doors are also a good option.

  • Deadbolt

One easy and cheap extra layer of door protection is a deadbolt. It is easy to install and you can probably do it yourself. Deadbolts can be picked up at any hardware store and they just provide that extra bit of security and make it that much harder for an intruder to get into your home.

  • A Sturdy Frame

There is no point in having a strong and solid door if the door frame is flimsy. Make sure your door frame is strong and sturdy, with your door being attached to it by strong metal hinges. This makes your door very difficult to kick off the frame.

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5 Tips for Burglarproof Doors


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