5 Home Security Tips for When You’re Travelling

home securityThere is no greater experience in life than going overseas for an extended holiday. Not only is there the thrill of exploring an unknown frontier but also the excitement of leaving your life behind for a few weeks or months. While it may seem that time stays still while your away, the world does keep spinning and your absence can be noticed.

Professional thieves know how to spot a home that is unoccupied and will take advantage of a lack of an unattended property. The fastest way to ruin a holiday is to find out that your home has been robbed.

While you shouldn’t let the threat of a break in ruin your enjoyment in the lead up to your holiday, you must take steps to increase the security in your property. This five-step checklist covers the essential that you should complete before jetting off.

1. Secure All Exists

It is not enough to simply lock all the doors of your home when you leave (though this is very important). Take the extra step of checking that all locks function as designed and present an adequate deterrence to burglars. If any locks require replacement or you feel as though more locks are required before you go overseas is the time to take care of that.

2. Organise Mail Collection

There is no greater sign that someone isn’t home than seeing the mail and newspapers overflowing. Any exterior signs that there has been a break from regular routine can be taken advantage of with alarming speed. Arrange for a neighbour to collect your mail on a regular basis or if you are going to be away for an extended period arrange with your local post office to redirect your mail to a relative or friend and collect it at a later date.

Additionally, if you have a well-kept lawn you can make arrangements with a neighbour to mow the lawns to maintain the illusion that someone is home. If there is any sign at all that someone is still at home, burglars are less likely to attempt a robbery.

3. Keep Your Neighbours Informed

If you are on good terms with your neighbours – next door or otherwise – be sure to tell them about your travel plans. Instead of ignoring unknown people coming and going from your place, they can inform the authorities that there is suspicious activity underway. This same neighbour might also be the one in charge of mail collection and lawn maintenance, killing several birds with one stone.

4. Contact Your Security Company

If you have an active electronic security system in place, be sure to inform the company of your travel plans. Let them know the dates that you will not be home and that the house will be uninhabited during this time. If the alarm is triggered during this time the security company knows to immediately contact the police. This measure may prevent or limit the degree of theft that occurs.

5. Hide Your Valuables

As great as windows are in creating ambience and allowing in natural light they can also allow just about anyone to look in and see what you have in your home. High value possessions such as TV’s, stereos, game consoles, and expensive decorations are high on the list of stolen objects. By moving these objects out of sight or transferring them to a relative’s home you can make it appear that you have nothing worth stealing.

To learn more about the methods you can use to protect your home when travelling overseas contact Kings Security Doors or call us on 1300 949 399. Security doors are one of the number one deterrents for burglars, and installing these products can ensure that your home is protected, all year around.

5 Home Security Tips for When You’re Travelling


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