5 Easy Steps To Maintaining Your Screen Door

Do you live in Prestons? Have you had a new screen door installed? Congratulations! You are probably loving your investment as a screen door is a worthwhile addition to any home or office and will surely add to the quality of your life.

Screen doors are great. They help keep pests out of your home while letting in that needed sunlight. It increases air ventilation but preserves your privacy. And it does all this while improving the value and security of your house! They are incredible!

But, just like all things, screen doors require some maintenance to ensure that they’re working as effectively as possible. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Remove The Door

If possible, remove your screen door from the doorway. Most screen doors are removable, but there’s no need to panic if yours isn’t. It’s still perfectly possible to clean and maintain it.

Step 2: The Vacuum

That old sucker is more than just for the floor. Your trusty vacuum is perfect for getting rid of any debris that might have got caught in the doorframe or on the screen itself. This catches any microscopic debris buildup before it becomes serious.

Step 3: Wash It

Ah, the old-fashioned method, using nothing but a soft cloth (microfibre recommended) and a gentle detergent diluted with about three parts water to one part soap, wipe down the door, and make sure to get the corners where the dirt can accumulate.

Step 4: Rinse It Down

Soap buildup is no joke. If left to dry like that, mildew will begin to develop on the door, and it will smell. Take a hosepipe, set the water pressure to medium, and spray the door to wash away all the soap.

Step 5: Dry It Off

All that’s left now is to dry it. It is recommended you do this by hand, rather than letting the Australian sun do it, because it will allow you to get all the water off as quickly as possible, thus preventing any mould or mildew from forming on it.

Screen doors in Preston require some attention to remain pristine and effective, but it shouldn’t have to be done too often, depending on where you live. Those who live far from the beach or a heavy industrial area should only have to clean their doors once every six months. That number increases the closer you get to the ocean or a factory.

To get more information about investing in screen doors for your property in the Prestons area, or book a free onsite quote, contact Kings Security Doors at 1300 275 163.

5 Easy Steps To Maintaining Your Screen Door


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