Security Door Maintenance for Longevity

Security Door MaintenanceInstalling a security door is well worth the investment, but it can be all for nothing without proper maintenance. To ensure your home is well secured, regular maintenance is essential.

How to Maintain Your Security Door

Looking after your security doors is a simple process that will keep it in good working order.

To keep your security in good condition, your cleaning routine should consist of:

Inspecting it for Damage

Like everything in life, your security door is not immune to scratches. While it’s manufactured with class-leading BlueScope steel, your security door is still used frequently. As a result, the door is prone to getting bumped and scratched. This is often caused by:

Constant use
Hitting or scratching (from people or pets)
Slamming the door shut

The more often it is hit, the quicker it wears out and is exposed to damage. This is why all homeowners should inspect their security door on a regular basis. As well as the door itself, check the frame, hinges and locks. Often, these areas are overlooked and will wear out, leaving you with a slight dilemma.

Giving it a Wash

When it rains it pours, and Sydney often experiences the full force of the wet weather. Once subsided, the mess that rain leaves is far from appealing. Keeping your security door clean not only maintains its visual appeal, it keeps the door in pristine condition.

You don’t have to use a high-pressure hose to clean the door. Warm water with the appropriate metal cleaner and a soft fabric is sufficient. Avoid using metal brushes, as they will severely scrape the paint coat.

Replacing Damaged Locks and Handles

If your door is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace some parts. Locks, handles, hinges and latches will eventually give way, which will affect the working mechanisms of the door. Furthermore, the metals from these solutions can cause your existing door to rust. Fortunately, with a Kings Security Door, rusting is not an issue.

Making it a Habit

To ensure your security doors are well maintained, make sure you regularly clean them. It is best to clean your doors at least once a month, as this will prevent any grime build up on the surface. Of course, this will depend on how dirty your door gets or how often it is used.

Cleaning and maintaining security doors won’t cost you a lot or require any specialist equipment. A couple of hours and some elbow grease will ensure your security is looking clean in no time.

Your security doors will last as long as possible with proper maintenance and care. For a quality security door, Kings Security Doors is here to help. To find out more about our services, contact us by calling 1300 949 399.

Security Door Maintenance for Longevity