3 Aspects to Consider When Customising Your Steel Security Door

Modern Security DoorsModern security doors are designed to withstand direct impact and attempted leverage off the door’s frame fixtures. Forcing a security door open takes a long time, and a good on-site security system should spot an intruder attempting a forced entry instantly. If you are looking for a steel security door company in Sydney, Kings Security Doors is the company for you. We offer custom-made steel doors and screens to meet your specifications.

Steel Door Security Aspects

Having a customised steel security door makes a big difference with regard to enhancing the security of your home. Our security door specialists work with you to make sure the security aspects of your design provide the utmost strength to your door. It should have a three-point lock to prevent the top or bottom of the door being pried open by an intruder, and the door should have three hinges with hinge pins that cannot be removed. A steel pin welded into the hinge improves the door’s strength.

Don’t Forget Design

Not only does a security door enhance the security of your home, it also makes your home’s exterior design more appealing. Your security door’s design can be customised to complement your home’s exterior colour. If you want to emphasise your door’s design, consider selecting a bold colour that contrasts with the surroundings.

Besides the colour, the steel can be made into intriguing patterns such as vertical and horizontal lines or geometric shapes. If you need help with your door’s design, view our gallery to gain inspiration.

Screen Door Standards

Commonly, a steel security door is matched with a screen door to enhance security. Screens improve the energy efficiency of your home through shading and allowing ventilation. They also prevent insects from flying into the house.

The security aspect of a screen door is covered by Australian Standards (AS) 5039, AS 5040 and AS 5041. We ensure that your screen doors adhere to these standards, providing your home with the utmost protection.

The general requirements for the performance of hinged and sliding screen doors are detailed under AS 5039. Australian Standard 5040 provides installers with specifications covering the requirements for screen doors in residential properties. To assess the screen’s strength, the screen must undergo a series of tests to withstand a knife shear, dynamic impact, jemmying and more. These tests are required based on AS 5041.

Safety is Our Priority

We have been designing and manufacturing doors for more than twenty years. All of our steel doors are manufactured from Bluescope steel and are fitted with quality handles and locks from top tier brands such as Lockwood, Jackson and Delf. We use welded pin hinges that provide an almost impenetrable barrier for your doorway.

We have a variety of colours and patterns for you to choose for your customised doors. If you have a door concept that is not in our gallery, you can discuss your preference with one of our representative during a free consultation.

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3 Aspects to Consider When Customising Your Steel Security Door


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