2017 Security Door Trends in Australia

Security Door TrendsThe big building boom in Australia has resulted in a demand for top quality security doors and windows. If you’re wondering what the latest trends are, we have some tips and some surprises for you.

The New Generation of Security Doors

Modern aluminium and steel security doors are different from the old-style security doors in many ways. There are more designs, and more security features.

New features include:

  • “Designer” security doors: Modern security screen doors have evolved almost beyond recognition in the last few years. The new generation security doors are true designer standard doors. They’re great doors, look fabulous, and deliver the all-important onsite security as well. These doors can be laser cut to precision measurements in floral, pattern and other stunning designs. Whether you want a traditional style door or the latest modern style, be prepared to be astonished by your range of design choices.
  • Added security: The new doors also include precision manufacturing quality. These doors are made to achieve high standards of performance. Super tough steel and aluminium security doors are made to last and ensure excellent security, so think of it as an investment in long term security for your home.
  • Integrated security systems: Modern security doors can also be easily integrated in to your home security system, with alarms. Best practice home security, in fact, is based on integrated systems, so if you’re looking to upgrade your security doors, it’s worth checking out these additional security options. You can also get security windows, and security grilles as part of a whole new home security layout.
  • Custom made security doors: There’s no “One Size Fits All” in home security. You can get your own custom made doors, made to your own design, tailor made to fit your home doorway. (This is a potential major issue in architect-designed modern homes. If you have a double doorway, for example, you need a matching security door system made to measure. It’s easy to do, so ask your security door suppliers about these issues.)
  • Privacy screening: Unlike old style security doors, the new generation can also deliver good privacy wherever you want it. In built-up areas, for example, you may want both security and added privacy from adjoining residences and the street. Thanks to the new designs, you can achieve both objectives with internal and external security doors.

Lower Prices

Another, perhaps surprising, trend is that modern security doors are also easily affordable, despite being far superior products to older security doors. You can get top quality security doors within any budget. All you need to do is talk to your supplier and get practical solutions to meet your budget needs. A good supplier will be able to deliver excellent choices of design at a good price.

Kings Security Doors is Your Instant Solution for Security Grilles

Kings Security Doors offers a full range of the latest security doors, including custom made doors. Would you like to make your own security door design? We can make it for you. Just call us on 1300 949 399 or contact us online and talk to our experts.

2017 Security Door Trends in Australia


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